Charley Parish Council

Serving the people of Charley and Oaks in Charnwood


Contact: Parish Clerk
18 Kirkhill Close, Coalville
Leicestershire LE67 4RW

Tel: 07946 171256


Charley Woods are the ancient woodlands of Charley, Cat Hill Wood being recorded as far back as 1260 and Burrow Wood in the 16th century. These woods are owned and managed by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust as a Nature Reserve and can be accessed on foot from Loughborough Road or from Charley Road.

Charley Woods - Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife TrustOS map ref: SK 476148 (Sheet 129). The reserve is 1.5 km north west of Copt Oak. Access to the reserve is along a track (signposted a public right of way) which

Wetton Wood, Charley Road and Bawdon Wood, Charley Road, are small areas of woodland planted under a National Forest scheme for landowners.