Charley Parish Council

Serving the people of Charley and Oaks in Charnwood


Temporary contact: Cllr Maureen Havers
Hillside Bungalow, Abbey Road
Coalville LE67 4UA

Tel: 01530 811149

Who we are & what we do

The Council as a Corporate Body

Parish Councils, including Charley Parish Council, were created by statute in 1894 and have the power to raise money through taxation known as the precept; there is a range of powers for the Council to spend public money.

The Council is a single corporate body in law and no part can operate in isolation. All decisions made by the Council are the responsibility of the Council as a whole.

The Council has a duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the council are followed and it is responsible for developing policies, monitoring performance and evaluating the activities undertaken.

The Parish Council is the 'grass root' tier of local government and has the ability to be closest to the community which it serves and represents. Charley Parish Council takes every effort to serve its community fairly and equally taking into consideration different interests and concerns.

The Parish Council meets every other month at 7.30 p.m Via Zoom (During the Pandemic). The Zom link can be found on the Agenda which is published 3 clear days prior to the meeting.

and residents and interested parties are welcome to attend.


Our Staff

Parish Clerk

While there is still uncertainty about the progress of the pandemic, we are trying to ensure that every resident in the parish has access to current information and a link to help should they need it. Letters have been written to the most isolated dwellings and telephone calls made where numbers are known. If you would like to have your details added for the duration of the present crisis please contact the Chairman, Mrs Maureen Havers on 01530 811149 or via which will go to the Locum Clerk It would be appreciated if you could make this information known to your friends, neighbours within the parish.

Hillside Bungalow, Abbey Road, Coalville
01530 811149