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Clerk: Brian Duncombe
12 Abbotts Oak Drive
Coalville LE67 4SA

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Planning Applications

Disclaimer: This page should contain all undecided planning applications, but to be 100% sure contact the District/Borough Council directly. We receive details of applications and are consulted on them. We can submit our views (taking into account the views of local residents), but the District/Borough Council primarily look to us to provide local insight and may not follow our view. The public should send comments to both the Local Council and District/Borough Council within any deadline period. You can voice your concerns to them on any planning matter. The national Planning Portal is your one-stop shop for planning and building services online.

Wed, 27 Nov 2019

Erection of single storey extension

Charley Knoll Farm
Nanpantan Road
LE12 9YE

Ms A Massarella

Wed, 21 Oct 2009

Crown raising and thinning by 30% - works to Oak tree (Tree protected by LCC TPO 28)

44 Rochdale Crescent
LE67 4TJ

East MidlandS Housing

Thu, 08 Aug 2019

Construction of vehicular access to land at rear of the property following demolition of existing building (P/19/1223/2)

62 Iveshead Road Shepshed LE129ER

Mrs Claire Linley

Wed, 18 Oct 2017

Demolition of no.62 Iveshead Road and erection of 67 dwellings with associated vehicular access, open space, landscaping and drainage infrastructure.

Land at and r/o 62 Iveshead Road Shephshed Leicestershire LE12 9ER

Strata Homes Ltd

Thu, 28 Nov 2019

Erection of a single storey rear extension (amended scheme)

38 St Davids Crescent
LE67 4ST

Mr Samuel Bentley

Fri, 01 Nov 2019

Felling of T3 Scots Pine or felling of T1-T4 4 no. Scots Pines

161 Greenhill Road
LE67 4UF

Raymond Partner

Wed, 11 Sep 2019

Demolition of 2No. residences, 1 No. residential home and 1No. 6 bed residential respite care home for adults with learning disabilities and construction of the following; 14No. flats and 1No. 3 bed house. A replacement 6 bed Short Breaks respite care facility. A community Life Choices building providing day care for adults with learning disabilities. The work to be carried out in two phases to allow continuation of the respite care provision for existing service users. (2019/Reg3Ma/0192/LCC)

Smith Crescent/Cropston Drive
LE67 4JE

Phil Larter

Thu, 21 Jan 2010

General light manufacturing B2 Classification. (Certificate of Existing Lawful Use)

Unit 18-20, Gelders Hall Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, LE12 9NA

Environmental Pulp Products Ltd

Tue, 20 Nov 2018

Change of use from educational use with residential facilities (C2) to B1(a) offices and provision of car park accessed from Nanpantan Road.

Nanpantan Hall, The Stables Nanpantan Road Loughborough LE11 3YF

Mr Timothy Collier

Wed, 09 Oct 2019

Change of use from Class C2 (residential institution) to Class D1 (non-residential institution), alterations to access and provision of car park.

Nanpantan Hall, The Stables Nanpantan Road Loughborough LE11 3YF

Serenity Education Ltd

Wed, 04 Dec 2019

Certificate of lawful development for a proposed loft conversion with dormer extension to rear roofslope, and addition of rooflight to the front roofslope.

252 Charnwood Road Shepshed LE12 9NW

Mr & Mrs King

Fri, 13 Sep 2013

Site for the erection of up to 180 dwellings and creation of 2 accesses.

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire

Gladman Developments Ltd

Mon, 11 Mar 2019

Proposed erection of 169 dwellings and associated works. (Reserved Matters - P/18/0586/2 refers).

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire

William Davis Ltd

Thu, 13 Jun 2019

Discharge of condition 21 of P/18/0586/2 regarding Green Infrastructure Biodiversity Management Plan

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9EY

Mr James Chatterton

Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Confirmation that all the conditions have been discharged on P/11/2697/2

Land South of Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire

Wright Hassell

Thu, 20 Dec 2018

Approval of Reserved Matters - Landscaping of open space (P/18/0586/2 refers)

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire

William Davis Ltd

Thu, 15 Aug 2019

Installation of 14 floodlights to the buildings exterior and erection of security camera tower in the front car park

Davey House Gelders Hall Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9NH