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Charley Cross Roads

On Thursday 4th July Councillors Havers and Pitts and Clerk Mr Brian Duncombe went with members of Shepshed Town Council to a meeting with David Mouland and Fiona Blockley (Traffic and Signals Team Manager) of Leics CC Highways Team to discuss the number of traffic accidents occurring at the Charley/Iveshead Road cross roads. (This is just outside the boundary of Charley Parish). Shepshed Town Council had previously submitted a petition with suggestions for improving the junction and the written response from Highways was the subject of the meeting.

The issue of a proposed prohibition of turning left from Iveshead Road onto the A512 at the traffic lights was also raised by Shepshed Town Council. This would inevitably cause an increase of vehicles using the Iveshead/Charley Road route. It is likely that the proposal will be subject to consultation.

A recent email from Fina Blockley to Councillor Radford of Shepshed Town Council says:

"I was sorry to hear about the recent incident at the Iveshead Road/Abbey Road/Charley Road junction.

"To help reduce the number of accidents at this location, I am pleased to advise that the county council are planning to install a range of additional safety measures in August.

"They include additional rumble strips and new road signs in all directions. There will also be new signs to indicate bends in the road and the carriageways will be resurfaced and re-textured at the junction to increase grip."

Dates will be announced as soon as they are known.

Posted: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 14:33 by Maureen Havers

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